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Spirit Filled Pastors
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Nestled between North High and Town Street, the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary opens its doors for The Light of the Living Christ Church to gather for worship.  Every Sunday at 10:30 AM there is a spirit filled service that begins with God's message and leaves parishioners with a newfound hopefulness in their lives.

God's presence is evident in the church, with Pastor Judith's gifts and teachings of the Holy Spirit.  Her sermons answer the always pondered, but never attainable questions about life and eternity with God.  Each service is unique and designed to strengthen and build an intimacy with our Lord.


Everyone in the church congregation shares a common goal to grow spiritually and have devotion to God.  The church family welcomes anyone to come and join the services and fellowship.


Pastor Kurt Lowry





Co-Pastor Earl Bailey

Marine Corp League Chaplin


Gregg Ardrey

Spirit Filled





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